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Eternal Spring Paperback

Eternal Spring Paperback

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A young man with an extraordinary gift. A zealous commune isolated from the world. What could possibly go wrong?

Fifteen-year-old Joshua Moses has always lived inside the isolated and fervently devout commune known as the Eternal Spring. His church family doesn’t know that his mother has forced him to harbor a dark and powerful secret. If they find out, they might hail him as a prophet—or cast him out forever.

Retired Army sergeant Marshall Hudson has a stellar career history and supernaturally honed instincts. But when he's drawn to the South by dreams that threaten his favorite uncle and stir up memories of a former lover, he can't resist the pull of the mysterious commune.

And Joshua isn’t the only one keeping something hidden. Reverend Silas Mayweather is covering a secret that could jeopardize his commune’s survival. Joshua senses Reverend Mayweather’s guilt and has a plan to keep the commune alive. One that uses his power at any cost.
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