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Blood Tribe Trilogy Ebook

Blood Tribe Trilogy Ebook

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Introducing the Blood Tribe Trilogy - a spellbinding tale of life among the undead, international secrets, and the eternal struggle between light and darkness.

Blood Tribe: He's dark. He's sexy. And he'll never let her go. 

It starts as a whirlwind romance that leaves her breathless. And when Vivian Black awakens in a coffin fifty years away from her earliest memories, that is only the beginning of the newest horror awaiting her. Soon, she discovers she is a vampire wanted by a deadly, international cult of the undead‒the Shévet ha Dam, or Blood Tribe. Her pursuer? Joseph Cartephilus, former doorkeeper to Pontius Pilate and the father of the vampire race. With a new, handsome friend Michael--a young vampire who has vowed to protect her--Vivian flees for her life. But nowhere is far enough for them to escape her past and the Shévet ha Dam.

Blood Trials: Maysun, keeper of the world's spiritual balance, has passed her gift to her lover, Eoghan, but her timing could not be worse. If Charles Dunning, leader of the vicious vampire tribe the Shévet ha dam, finds Maysun's daughter, Sana, he could exploit her resistance to the vampire curse, shifting the global power balance in his favor.

Sana lives half of her life awake and taunted by haunting voices, the other half in a shadowy world scarcely remembered. Unaware the voices she hears are vampires hiding in plain sight, tracking her every move, Sana believes she teeters on the edge of insanity.

Vivian Black must use her power from the Source to find Sana before the 
Shévet ha dam. With the help of new friends wielding unusual supernatural gifts, Vivian again finds herself in the global fight to keep the world from becoming overrun by darkness.

Blood Treason: Another battle may be over, but the war against the Blood Tribe, is far from won. Michael and Vivian, undead soulmates who have committed themselves to fight against the Tribe, have to face their biggest challenge yet. Michael’s son, Lukas, has turned from the power of the Source to the dark Maleficence. And if the woman set on seducing Lukas has her way, he will never find his way back.

What’s more, Michael has a new curse in his veins that rivals the strength of his vampire blood—one with its roots in the Maleficence. His craving for blood is now matched by an appetite for meat. The living kind.

It's the decisive clash against the Maleficence, the vampires confronting the Shévet ha Dam face unparalleled challenges. Can they rescue Lukas and unravel the mysteries of Michael's newfound condition, or will darkness prevail?

Embark on an extraordinary journey--an epic clash between light and darkness. Lose yourself in an experience that lingers long after the last page has been turned. Experience it for yourself – order today!
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