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Blood Trials: Book #2 of the Blood Tribe Trilogy Ebook

Blood Trials: Book #2 of the Blood Tribe Trilogy Ebook

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Maysun, keeper of the world's spiritual balance, has passed her gift to her lover, Eoghan, but she may have acted too soon. If Charles Dunning, leader of the malevolent global vampire tribe the Shévet ha dam, discovers Maysun's daughter, Sana, he may use her ability to resist the vampire curse to tip the global balance of power in his favor.

Sana lives half her life awake and taunted by haunting voices, the other half in a shadowy world scarcely remembered. Unaware the voices are vampires hiding in plain sight, tracking her every move, Sana believes she teeters on the edge of insanity.

Vampire Vivian Black must use her power from the Source to find Sana before the Shévet ha dam. With the help of new friends wielding unusual supernatural gifts, Vivian again finds herself in the global fight to keep the world from becoming overrun by darkness.
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