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Blood Treason: Book #3 of the Blood Tribe Trilogy Ebook

Blood Treason: Book #3 of the Blood Tribe Trilogy Ebook

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Another battle may be over, but the war against the global network of vampires, the Shévet ha Dam, or Blood Tribe, is far from won. Michael and Vivian, undead soulmates who have committed themselves to fight against the Tribe, have to face their biggest challenge yet. Michael’s son, Lukas, has turned from the positive power of Source to the dark Maleficence. And if the woman set on seducing Lukas has her way, he will never find his way back.

What’s more, Michael has a new curse in his veins that rivals the strength of his vampire blood—one with its roots in the Maleficence. His craving for blood is now matched by an appetite for meat. The living kind.

It’s the ultimate war against the Maleficence, and the vampires battling the 
Shévet ha Dam have never faced more insurmountable challenges. If they can’t save Lukas and master Michael’s new affliction, will evil win in the end?
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